Saturday, February 28, 2015


A couple of weeks back we spent one Saturday hanging out at Minna's to make covers and celebrate Julius' birthday. It was so nice to sit down with people you love and just sing and laugh. We took 8 hours to just do one cover, Edward Sharpe's "Home".  I think the cat got sick of us.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Hejdå Carlijr

When I moved to Sweden, my best friend Cheryl said she felt bittersweet about me leaving. I was really touched when she said that. I knew what she meant but I never knew the full extent of this bittersweet feeling until I was at Lovisa's farewell party. I am excited for this new chapter in her life and admire the balls she has to up and leave everything she is familiar with for Australia. I know I did the same but I had Tobias as my security blanket so it's kinda less scary for me I suppose. 

Lovisa, you've got more balls than any men I know. I am going to miss you so much but fret not, technology has empowered us to bridge the gap! Have fun and I am waiting for your Australian adventures!

Anyway, the party that Lovisa threw was nothing short of awesome. Buntings and balloons made 8:5 look so festive and there was free finger food and lush products! Everyone had a great time and all of us sat down and got a little emotional when we were forced by Lovisa to mention a good and bad memory we had with her! All in all, a fancy Flogsta party I would say. 

Putting up the deco
 Prepping the party outfit. Theme: Not black. So Daniel and Michelle went with every other colour besides back. 
 There were noodles for those who got hungry
 A lot of mingling was done
 And glittery stickers were pasted on faces no less
 Johan, Tobias and Daniel
 Chris and Alexi
 Lovisa, the star of the night
 Lovisa and Tobias
 Daniel, Fethy, Lovisa and Jacob
 Alexi having fun with the party props
 Funny faces were made, intentionally
And unintentionally 
 The boys
 Julius made it to the party as well!
 Harry became rather hairy
 Daniel and Michelle
 The fanciest Kung that was ever drunk
 Oscar and Hussaan took to a quiet spot for a little tête-à-tête
 My little carlijr
 and my little edlundtobias
 Chris didn't understand what Sofia was laughing about
 Tobias and I
Tobias donning a very fabulous peacock.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

New Years Eve

After two weeks of getting back to the daily grind, I finally gotten back to my feet with the whole blogging thing. I put editing the new years eve pictures to the very last minute because my boyfriend, as lovely as he is, took one photo too many. New Years was the best. No pressure about having to celebrate it in such a grand manner. It was just me and my closest friends, hanging out in my apartment, playing Orangino and doing some arts and crafts. After crafting, we walked over to the Västerbron bridge and decided to spread the glitter love. So much glitter was involved and it took me two days to get rid of it in the apartment. Yet somehow, glitter and confetti still appear two weeks later...

 Buntings and flamingos were put up
 Crafts were ready
 Decorating the maison jars
 Then we started decorating each other
 I'm going to miss my lovilovi
Daniel and his work of art
 Lovisa started to take revenge
 Revenge is a dish served shiny
 Lovisa is love
 World Peace
 Julius was literally awesome
 second best mirror shot
 Nothing makes a party then balloons!
 Lovisa and I
 Daniel's artistic take
 Daniel is so FAB
 I mean look at him
 No, seriously, look at him.
 Gott Nytt År!
 Group shot!
 Popping the champagne!
 Hussaan was not happy.
 First selfie of 2015
 Regalness at it's epitome
 I told you that a lot of glitter was involved
All the jars!
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