Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I'm moving to Stockholm!

So this is old news but, I am moving to Stockholm!!

From my last post, I was waiting for my residence permit card to be issued. A month after sending it for processing, I finally received it! And then it was time to wait before I flew off in October. Of course in the mean time, I was searching around for jobs on The Local and LinkedIn. 4 months of endless applications and constant rejections. However, that does not warrant anyone to give up. After searching and searching, I found two companies that were keen on interviewing me as they saw in me endurance. One of the companies however needed someone to start during the first week of August but had secured an interview with me in the Fall, hoping for a potential hire with me in January 2015. Good news right? But things got even better. The second company said I was not a perfect fit for the position that they were hiring but he redirected me to another position that had not been circulated in job portals. After two grueling rounds of skype interviews, a logical and verbal reasoning test and a written assignment, my efforts were rewarded and I got offered the job! 

So now I am moving to Stockholm in August and I am hella excited about it! When I was a student in Uppsala, I loved going to Stockholm to shop! I have never lived there but I promised myself that I would move there eventually. Fast forward 5 years later and here I am about to embark on the promise I made myself then. Here are some photos I took when I was in Stockholm that remind me why I love it. Tis such a beautiful city. 

 Walking by the river with Alison, 2009.
 Fika with Alison and Nick, 2009
 Charlie, 2009
Stockholm, 2009
Julius, one of my closest friends. He's been amazing! He's helping me check out apartments and I am so glad to have him there in Stockholm :)
 Janice's first time to Stockholm and obviously loving it, 2013
 Helena, also a really close friend. She's been there for me whenever I was stressing about finding a job. She always gave me encouragement and I love her for that!
And then there's this silly fella who has been my constant throughout all this change. He who never doubted me a single minute and showered me with utmost love and affection. I love you <3

So off I go in 3 weeks to venture into (un)familiar territory! 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Mindshare Minahs

I think it has been almost a year since I last my dearest Widad and Raudha after all of us had moved on from Mindshare. As always, Widad was her usual self and tickled me pink with laughter. For the most part of the night we spent rapping and singing old hip hop songs while everyone else was staring at us. It was a good night with good food and good company. Instead of the usual pictures, I decided to let you have a sneak peek into how we spent our night in 1 minute. 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Terry Richardson Inspired

So my Friday night was spent with my two best friends doing a photo shoot. This was no ordinary photo shoot though. We decided on recreating some of Terry Richardson's  photos and had a bunch of fun doing them. I turned my room into a makeshift studio and the fun began. Be warned, these photos are NOT for the faint hearted.

Models: Cheryl and Foxy
Photographer: Well, me. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Canon AE-1 - The first roll

I love cameras. Digital or Film. Holga or Diana. Polaroid or Instax. I love them all. So last christmas, my boyfriend and his family decided to let me indulge in film photography by buying me a Canon AE-1. I was beyond ecstatic and eager to use it. The first roll I used was loaded in wrongly so nothing came out of it. It was so exciting to use this camera as I didn't know how the pictures would turn out. Some of them turned out WAY too dark but hey, learn from your mistakes right? I didn't know what shutter speed I should use or what the ISO should be like. I mean, for my DSLR, I adjust it and take a couple of time to get the setting right. Anyway, here are the more presentable pictures that came out from the roll of film. My favourite picture? The one of the red swing I walk past everyday. Anyway, if you use a film camera, feel free to give me some pointers!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Julius och Minna

The weeks after the art jam, things started becoming a little dull. I barely got to talk to Tobias because both of us were just too absorbed with work that sleep was so precious to us. I went along with the monotony of life until I received news from Julius that he flew to Malaysia after being in South Africa for a month! Of course, the next logical question I asked was if he was going to swing by Singapore after Malaysia since the countries are just next to each other. When he said he was coming with Minna, I was squealing with excitement! I booked his plane tickets, prepared the two rooms in my house and picked them up from the airport carrying a sign! That weekend was just wonderful! Julius and I have been friends for 5 years and he's been a really good one at that. For years, I persuaded him to come visit me in Singapore and 5 years down, he really did! I miss bring in the presence in them both but fret not, 30 weeks (29 to be exact). 

 Julius and I
 Julius, Minna and Durians
 Minna and I
 First time opening a mangosteen
 She loved it
 Julius and his cat eyes
Julius attempt to be sexy.
 Crashing Henrik's pad
 They got hungry after lazing around the pool
 Happy camper
 Minna looking like a goddess
 Attempting to get a tan
 Henrik, afraid of getting a tan

 Minna and the view
 Henrik being one with the water

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