Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Balcony Party

Summer is here and it is wonderful! A lot of hanging out in the parks, barbecues and balcony parties. The most exciting thing is that I get to wear shorts and not have to bring a jacket/sweater anywhere I go. And also the sales. & Other Stories was having a massive sale and lets just say the double salary came in pretty handy.

Anyway, a few weeks ago, Helena threw a balcony party for her birthday. There was mimosas, brownies and pizza i.e. amazing

 Helena, the birthday girl
 Yummiest pizza ever
 Chilling on the balcony

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Cold Weather Picnics

You know when you are becoming more Swedish is when the cold does not phase you anymore. Yesterday, being a public holiday, we decided that it was going to be a great day for a picnic. A picnic where the clouds are hanging and the temperature is below 10 degrees - because you know, if we sit outside forcefully, it will become warm. Regardless, we had such an amazing time sitting down in our secret park (with a pretty awesome view of Stockholm), listening to music and burning sausages. 

 I thought this was artistic. I think I was wrong.
 The beautiful Helena Öhman
 The hungover Tobias Edlund
 The handy man Julius Widerberg
 The sheltered Hana Aljoofri
 Helena was trying to protect herself from seagull poop
 My favourite people <3
 My first time manning the grill = sausages burnt to crisp

 He was pretty hungover
 Staring at seagulls he refused to chase after
 Pretending to have a rifle for shooting seagulls
 The secret park

Wondering why Julius was taking so long
And I present to you the view. 

After the really cold barbecue, we headed down to a hotel and warmed ourselves up with a nice cuppa tea. It was really quite the perfect day!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Johan Leion 30-årsfest

I am back to blogging (or at least I tell myself this)! Long story short, my cousin Brandon told me to not stop blogging and it was surprising that he follows my blog even though we've met three times (he lives in Boston).

So. Stockholm. It's been nothing short of amazing. Sure, I've had my ups and downs but I'm seeing a lot of ups lately in my personal life. Perhaps the sun is shining and setting later and later. It's so wonderful to see people out and about with a massive grin on their face. I can't wait to see what Stockholm has in store for me this spring and summer! Anyway, yesterday me and tobias headed down to Gothenburg to celebrate Johan Leion's 30th birthday! It was on a boat and it was decked out with balloons, art, a fiskdamm area and waffles. Yes, you read that correctly - waffles. 

Party tip: waffle irons and waffle batter are a must haves at a party. 

 Tobias and Adam
 Johan, Tobias and Adam - reunited
 Waffles in the making
 Johan lion
 Adam of the south
 Tobias approving this party
The skipper also has to eat
Adam and I 
 Johan self portrait #idunnohowmany
 Pretty accurate representation of Johan

 Tobias and Måns!
 There was a lot of dancing to 60s music
 There were a lot of lousy tees being worn
 There were a lot of 60s records being handed out
 And there was also a lot of snuggling going around
 and shirt ripping

We tied Tobias' hair into a fabulous man bun
 Then we let Carl's hair down to see if he looks like Ted Gärdestad

 There. was. so. much. waffles.

Grattis Johan!
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