Friday, August 22, 2014

Stockholm - Settling in

So I've finally settled all my paperwork in Sweden and moved in to my new apartment! I live in Fridhemsplan and I just love how central it is. The day I moved in, I went to IKEA Barkaby and almost broke my back carrying bed sheets and other stuff. I've met my boss and he's really cool. I found out I'll be going camping next week Thursday with my colleagues. That will be a first. Now Lovisa has been visiting and she's been thrift shopping with me. We managed to find beautiful cheap plates! Anyway, Tobias is coming tomorrow and I'm so excited because we get to celebrate our second year anniversary together!

Enough with the chatter, so here's a few (or a lot) photos from this week! 

Julius helped me move my stuff into my new apartment!
Then we had McDonalds in the park
We watched many dogs
I went to IKEA
And I went to Willys to make myself breakfast for the next day
Lovisa came to visit
We went to antique shops
Into a store full of hats
So we tried on more hats
But the hats couldnt fit me
We made steak that was so delish
Lovisa contemplating about life
Attempting to have a fun night out
Lovisa wore my choker and looked gorgeous!
We changed our plans and met up with Julius!
Lovisa, me and Julius
I <3 Stockholm
We had pancakes for breakfast
Daniel came to visit my new apartment
So did Bettie
And they hung out for a bit in my balcony
And we just chilled and played Kim Kardashian

I'm loving it in Stockholm although it's getting colder! Looking forward to wrapping myself in layers (I say this now)

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Tobias fyller 25 år!

After a month of planning Tobias' birthday, shit finally got real. With the help of his friend Andreas, we gathered a few of his journalist friends and one of his colleagues up the top of Ramberget to hold a surprise picnic birthday party. While I was climbing up the mountain with Tobias, I concluded that I don't do mountains. And although I have an endless string of complaints about it, it was kinda worth it to be at the top because I had a view that overlooked the entire Gothenburg city. Anyway, it was finally nice to see his friends! They are such an amazing and funny bunch. I now get why he speaks so fondly of each and every one of them. Post picnic, we continued the party at Tobias apartment and there was friendly banter going on. All in all, I'd say it was a great party. Happy birthday Tobias Edlund! 

 The posse 
 Andreas - the man who made it happen
 Carolina and Carl - funniest people I've met
 Johan - a creative with a big heart!
 Baloo the labradoodle - he knows about the good stuff

 The view

 Natalija - absolutely adore her to bits

It's not a party until you whip out the chess board. 

Saturday, August 16, 2014


Hej från Göteborg! I'm here for a couple of days to visit my boyfriend for his birthday and I've been having such a great time! I was a little unprepared for the weather though. Stockholm was really warm but who knew Göteborg would be windier? Anyway, I secretly invited his old time friend Felix to celebrate his birthday. I cooked dinner for us under the pretense of vegetarian night so that Tobias wouldn't suspect a thing. Post dinner, all of us headed down to the culture festival to watch New Tide Ochesta (no really it was actually spelt like that). We stumbled upon an international food market post concert. Of course when at a food market, you have to have crepes! I'm excited for tomorrow because I get to celebrate his birthday in Sweden for the first time! As for tonight, Tobias brought me to the same restaurant we had our first date 2 years ago. Sometimes I don't give him enough credit for being such a romantic. Because, he actually really is. 

The first night was spent at the local pub.
Spongebob balloons
Alotta fudge!
The sidewalk of my second home
Boyfriend and his bike
Daddy and a stroller!
Subtly hinting to my boyfriend that he should be doing the dishes (which I did in the end. scumbag boyfriend)
Excited for date night!
At the restaurant we had our first date!
My boyfriend looks kinda dorky but I love him
Moustache chairs.
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