Monday, September 29, 2014

Sweden from an iPhone

Yesterday was Amanda's wedding and looking at her real time photos made me feel the most home sick I have ever been. I've never missed home before but yesterday took home sick to another level. After a trying day at the Gothenburg book fair with Tobias, I just broke down simply because I missed my family and my best friends. That and I was exhausted and grumpy form walking for 6 hours. Nevertheless, I was so glad to have Tobias by my side to calm me down. 

Anyway, despite the homesickness, I had a pretty awesome week. I hung out with friends, celebrated Fethy's birthday and had my house warming party! It was so nice to have all my friends together and it was pretty strange how everyone was speaking swedish at my party. Heads up for the picture overload!

Making pizza and hanging out with Julius after work
 Natalija brought me out to Pustervik!
Oh, Gothenburg
Aron and Tobias before election day!
Weekday, my favourite shop and Lagerhaus, my new favourite shop 
Last few days for al fresco dining
Before me leaving for Stockholm, my boyfriend decided to do some work. 
 Geting ready to celebrate Fethy's birthday at Kvarnen!
 But first, we had some maccers
 Me, Tobias and Hakey were the first to be there
 Then the birthday girl decided to show up
 The Zeres
Tobias took this amazing photo of them (and he made me put it up)
 Deep conversations
 Fethy and Bettie
 Hussaan and Hakey
 Bettie and Daniel
 Tired out. 
 Bettie and Tobias
 Daniel, Bettie and Tobias
Me and the birthday girl
 Lovisa at my house warming!
 Daniel and Helena
 Intense conversations (or not?)
 Daniel, Helena and Julius
 Aron and Tobias
My girls, Dodona and Sanzida!

So that was pretty much my two such weeks. I'm starting SFI tomorrow and I'm hella excited! Peace out. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tekniska Museet - Game On!

Okay, so it has been more than 2 weeks since my last post and you guys must've thought I have forgotten all about my blog. Au contraire. I think about my blog a lot and I really want to post pictures but I never seem to have the time. I have been getting into the motion of work and set a daily routine for myself. Work, cook, eat then sleep. Of course I am not complaining. Me and two of my colleagues have made this pact where we would go to the gym twice a week at 7am before work. Now in Singapore, a lot of this would be talk but THIS actually fell through. I feel a lot more energised because I get my precious 8 hours of sleep and I exercise (the two things I never get back home). 

Anyway, two weekends ago, me and Tobias made our way down to Uppsala just because our favourite polish man was back in town (I'm kidding, he's actually Eritrean). Parties in Uppsalas are the best even though I keep thinking I get too old for them. You're never too old to party right? The second hilight was going to Tekniska Museet and visiting the Game On exhibition. I am not one who plays video games but I gotta say, older games really hit home.

 Having fika at Thelins by the street I live on
 My very short walk from the station to home

 Oculus Rift

 Donkey Kong oh Donkey Kong

As you can see from the pictures, it was pretty much every boy/man's dream.

Sunday, August 31, 2014


I think you only become truly Swedish when you have experience kräftskiva, or in simpler terms, crayfish party. Julius decided to host one at his apartment. He also decided that it was a good idea to get drunk the night before hosting a party. I came with Lovisa and Genevieve two hours after the party had started and was told by the rest that Julius had just woken up when the first guests arrived. So there was no bibs and crayfish party hats. We were doing kräftskiva, Julius style. Marc was teaching me how to eat those tiny little buggers the proper swedish way. I tried and those critters fought back (maybe not, but they poked me). Can't wait for next years kräftskiva!

 The damage

 Nele, Julius and Lovisa
 Nele and Minna
 The last two surviving crayfish
 Julius and I
 Minna, Nele and Julius
 Nele busting a move
 Julius pimping out the kräftskiva
 Marc and Jacob
 Julius and I
Nele, Julius and I
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