Sunday, August 31, 2014


I think you only become truly Swedish when you have experience kräftskiva, or in simpler terms, crayfish party. Julius decided to host one at his apartment. He also decided that it was a good idea to get drunk the night before hosting a party. I came with Lovisa and Genevieve two hours after the party had started and was told by the rest that Julius had just woken up when the first guests arrived. So there was no bibs and crayfish party hats. We were doing kräftskiva, Julius style. Marc was teaching me how to eat those tiny little buggers the proper swedish way. I tried and those critters fought back (maybe not, but they poked me). Can't wait for next years kräftskiva!

 The damage

 Nele, Julius and Lovisa
 Nele and Minna
 The last two surviving crayfish
 Julius and I
 Minna, Nele and Julius
 Nele busting a move
 Julius pimping out the kräftskiva
 Marc and Jacob
 Julius and I
Nele, Julius and I

Saturday, August 30, 2014


Yesterday was our company fall conference and the location was kept a secret until the morning of the conference. I ended up in Maria's car whose two other passengers were Niklas and Chu. All of whom are management. Go me. When we got to Tällberg, the secret location, I was just blown away by the picturesque view! I had so much fun with my colleagues. Our day was packed with a lot of clay building, valuable discussions, food, music and dancing! The next morning we took off to visit the factory where they made and painted Dalarna horses. This was where I met the most beautiful dog I have ever laid eyes on! Note to self: tell boyfriend I want a dog. A polar bear dog.

On the way to Tällberg
Maria after having driven 4 long hours from Stockholm
Carolina's summer house
Swedish style mini house


Conference activity - create an island
Luacs taking in the sun while others had fika

Maria in a traditional Swedish costume
The hotel
BBQ overload

 I met a dog-wolf-polar bear
 We went to visit Dalarna, where all the horses were painted
 Lucas decided to ride the small Dalarna horse
Carolina aimed big

I had a wonderful two days with my colleagues but its really good to be in my apartment now. Enjoy the weekend everyone <3

Friday, August 22, 2014

Stockholm - Settling in

So I've finally settled all my paperwork in Sweden and moved in to my new apartment! I live in Fridhemsplan and I just love how central it is. The day I moved in, I went to IKEA Barkaby and almost broke my back carrying bed sheets and other stuff. I've met my boss and he's really cool. I found out I'll be going camping next week Thursday with my colleagues. That will be a first. Now Lovisa has been visiting and she's been thrift shopping with me. We managed to find beautiful cheap plates! Anyway, Tobias is coming tomorrow and I'm so excited because we get to celebrate our second year anniversary together!

Enough with the chatter, so here's a few (or a lot) photos from this week! 

Julius helped me move my stuff into my new apartment!
Then we had McDonalds in the park
We watched many dogs
I went to IKEA
And I went to Willys to make myself breakfast for the next day
Lovisa came to visit
We went to antique shops
Into a store full of hats
So we tried on more hats
But the hats couldnt fit me
We made steak that was so delish
Lovisa contemplating about life
Attempting to have a fun night out
Lovisa wore my choker and looked gorgeous!
We changed our plans and met up with Julius!
Lovisa, me and Julius
I <3 Stockholm
We had pancakes for breakfast
Daniel came to visit my new apartment
So did Bettie
And they hung out for a bit in my balcony
And we just chilled and played Kim Kardashian

I'm loving it in Stockholm although it's getting colder! Looking forward to wrapping myself in layers (I say this now)
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