Monday, November 17, 2014

Long weekend

Most of the time, even back in Singapore, I would steer clear from doing anything during the weekdays. You know, you have to work the next day so you just want to go back home and unwind. However, this renders us so anti social and it has to change. I mean don't get me the wrong way. I am guilty and even more so than anyone else I know, of just going home after a long day of work, making up excuses to not meet people. I am young and I am working and living in a foreign city and I should not use the excuse of "having to work" the next day to not meet people. Where's the fun in that? I should be grabbing life by the neck and not letting it suffocate me! That is why this week, I was rather proud of myself for making the effort to go out on Thursday night to play cider pong with Julius, amazing shabs (as instructed by her), Anna and Lucas . I was tired, yes, but more importantly, I had a good laugh and it was a better way to unwind from a stressful day at work. It got better during the weekends. Tobias came to Stockholm again and we went ice skating! It was absolutely beautiful to say the least. So next week, I will be working towards filling up 2/5 after works before I head off to Uppsala to visit the lovely Lovisa!
 Having dinner with Anna at Flippin Burgers
 The amazing burger (although Shabnam and Anna did not like it at all)

 Julius and Anna

 Julius and I
 Shabnam and Lucas
 Lucas and his game face
 Nobody messes with them during cider pong
 Julius learnt that the hard way
 I have no words for this
 Getting ready for ice skating on Friday!

 The street on my way to work!

We made a miniature snowman from the excess ice and named him Bob. Isn't he the most adorable!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014

I usually don't celebrate halloween. It isn't a very big thing in Singapore or more like I wasn't into the whole dressing up thing. This year however, the company I work for threw a halloween party that was nothing short than awesome. Dressing up and doing make up with my colleagues got me into the mood and seeing the most creative costumes ever made me even more so.Tobias came all the way from Gothenburg to attend the party and Lovisa came from Uppsala. Of course, Julius managed to get his ass out of his bed from Skanstull so that was another achievement! I dressed up as a puppet while Tobias had it easy with a puppet master (I prepared all the props with Lovisa's help of course). Halloween is just over but I am looking forward to the next one already!

 Nadiya rocking the KISS look
 Niklas and Thibault
 Niklas was the Count
 Gen returned from the dead.
 Shabnam the panda
 Shabs and I
 Renata was a cat
 My costume was complete only when my boyfriend arrived
 Lucas was death
 Lovisa was the universe
 There was a pumpkin carving contest
 Shabnam on duty
 Me and Tobias
 More pumpkins were being carved

 Matthias was dressed as a hot dog
 Me and Gustav

 We had personalised tomb stones
 Jello Shots were taken
 Dancing was done
 Primary Colours were present
 So were crazy scientists

 Prizes were won

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